24998 County Road 102, Davis, CA 95616

Welcome to Blue Max Kart Club

Located in Davis, CA, the BMKC is one of the oldest go-kart clubs in Northern California. 


Family centered racing! 

Blue Max Kart Club (BKMC) is located in Davis, CA. Designed in the 1960's a a track for mini-bikes and was later operated with Go-karts. BKMC is in it's 5th decade as a go-kart track and hosts 6-7 races a year, with extra regional races. 

 The fastest classes hit above 60 mph on the front straight away! Check out the events for the next time a race is happening! Members that race all year are competing for a championship trophy at the end of the year! Come out and watch, or get into your kart and join us!

Class AGE Weight
Kid Kart Comer 5-8 150
Kid Kart Honda 5-8 150
Jr1 Pilot Lo206 8-12 245
Jr1 Lo206 8-12 245
Jr2 Lo206 12-15 310
Junior Tillotson 212RS sealed 12-15 310
Sr Lo206 15+ 360
Senior Tillotson 212RS sealed 15+ 360
MS Lo206 30+ 390
Masters Tillotson 212RS sealed 30+ 390
GM Lo 206 50+ 390
Grand Masters Tillotson 212RS sealed 50+ 390
F100 15+ 375
Clone 15+ 375
212Ghost box stock 15+ 375
Pro 4 Cycle 16+ 375
MS TAG 30+ 390
Shifter 80 15+ 375
395 w/ Front Brakes
F-Shifter 15+ See Supplement
Motor Weight
Stock Honda 385
ROK 395
KZ 405

If we don't have a class for your motor, please let us know. If you have 6 or more drivers we will make a class for you, if not we will add you to a class  that is compatible.

24998 County Road 102 Davis, CA 95616


Membership Info: bmkcmembership@yahoo.com

Tel: 916-544-7510

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